Ahlefeldt paints and draws with a true passion for art. His works are full of joyful and lively emotions that reflect upon his life, in a natural and abstract idiom. The colour scheme in which he uses throughout his work is both gloomy and pompous – swaying from black, dark blue and olive green to light blue, an intense red and sunshine yellow. He uses brushstrokes dynamically and forcefully to convey his emotions.

The abstract works – playing with the paintings many layers of different themes and colours – give an eye-capturing glimpse of his artistic talent.

Michael Ahlefeldt (born 1965) lives and works at Egeskov castle. Through the past years he has been educated by artists such as: Ellen Madsen in Hadsund along with RAH Craig Ron in Perth, Scotland. Ahlefeldt has since then studied at Accademia Italiana in Firenze, Italy, and at Fyns drawing and painting school in Odense, Denmark. Along with the many professional artists that have helped educate him, two Danish artists John Olsen and Lars Nørgaard also mentor him, and his works.

Ahlefeldt has worked and experimented with paintings for many years, and used a lot of effort in finding his very own artistic expressions.

Michael Ahlefeldt is linked to the gallery “In The Gallery” and has his very own solo exhibition starting from the 10th January to the 15th Febuary 2014; the gallery is located on Dronnings Tværgade 19, 1302 Copenhagen.